Quotes, invoices, estimates

Use mobile phones and tablets to create quotes, invoices and estimates.

Now you can create quotes and estimates right from your mobile phone or tablet. You can email the estimate to your customer immediately, complete with your company's logo. With 1-click, an estimate can be turned into a work order. With 1 more click, that work order can be turned into an invoice. Simple work-flows allow your team to focus on the job at-hand, not complicated software. When a job is completed or scope of work changed, customers can sign their consent for invoices and additional charges with their finger onto a mobile worker's phone or tablet. Invoices can now be completed right away while the details about the job are fresh in the mobile worker's mind. Customers now know exactly what they're agreeing to pay for, and you have their signature confirming their acknowledgement of such. Invoices integrate into popular Accounting software platforms like QuickBooks. (In Beta.)

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